We’re a Video Production House

Turn your concept into a film with Quick Time Production

We’re a Video Production House
Turn your concept into a film with Quick Time Production

The right storytelling can leave behind an unforgettable impression and move people. From the writing room to immersive audio and visuals to the editing table, our video production team ensure that the story gets etched into the right minds.

Pre Production

"Concept, Script &
Storyboard "

Concept - It’s what you stand for that makes you stand out. We take your concept forward to the audience. Scriptwriting - To make great films, you need three things Script Script And Only Script - A story that engages and connects with the audience. First thoughts and visuals always come down into the paper. We help you visualize the entire movie in advance.

script & storyboard
According to budget


Once your budget is fixed, We will buy/ rent camera and other requirements. Kitna peti? Ek Peti, Do Peti? Don’t worry, We have equipment for all budgets suiting your needs. Our team is capable of achieving more from your total budget. #AbRahoBefikar

“Shoot - Lights,
Camera, Action”

Casting- Making a movie is all about casting the right set of actors. Location Scouting - Kashmir To Kanyakumari, Har jagha par scout karne tayaar hai hum. Art Design - Aap sirf visualize karo, hum aapke saare visuals ko sach mein badal denge. Set Design - Aapke kehne par dusra Burj Khalifa bhi tayaar ho jaayega. (Jee karda dila du tenu burj khalifa)

Shoot -Quicktime Production

Post Production


“Cut To Editing Room

We’ve got covered the best expertise in one room. Right from Editor, Motion Graphics & VFX artists, Sound and Music Artists. Once we are done shooting the film, the creative set of people are sitting right next to the producer and director of the film to keep contemplating it and delivering a quality product that fits within your budget and main vision.

“Final Sound &
Color Grading”

We’ve always believed that the ears lead our eyes to where the story lives. Our artists bring you the pure art of cinematic sound, through which imagery & visuals come to life. Colour narrates the story. The right set of colours evokes mood & sets the tone for the film. If it’s not done right it can take away the whole essence of the film.

Music & color DI
We decided it was time to take the confusion out of knowing what kind of video to ask for.
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