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Breaking Down the Latest Social Media Updates: March 2023

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of social media is crucial for brands and social media marketers. With new changes happening on various social media platforms every month, it’s essential to keep a tab on them and adapt them to your social media strategy. By doing so, you can stay ahead of the game and gain an edge over your competitors. So, keep your eyes focused and stay on top of the latest social media updates!

For instance, did you know that WhatsApp and Salesforce recently integrated to allow businesses to build effective experiences to chat with customers on the messaging platform by managing the communication on Salesforce? Or that Twitter now displays a “View Count” metric on tweets?

However, these seemingly small changes can have a significant impact on your social media strategy. By experimenting with the latest social media features, you can increase engagement on your brand page and create a massive impact on your business.

Latest Social Media Updates in the Month of March

1. Instagram Introduces Broadcast Channels

Social Media Updates

Instagram has just introduced a new tool that creators and brands may find appealing: one-way broadcast channels are on their way to your inbox.

On his Instagram Story, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the upgrade, calling channels a “broadcast chat tool” that will allow creators to share text, photographs, and other media with followers.

2. LinkedIn add new visual display elements on user profiles

It’s time to refresh your profile, as you have got more ways to integrate visual elements into your profile presentation, with your Activity section now displaying images, videos and articles in a more aesthetic display.

3. Pinterest Expands Idea Pin Video Length to 5 minutes

Pinterest has announced plans to expand the maximum length of Idea Pin videos from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. This change is expected to roll out gradually over the coming months, allowing creators to share longer-form video content on the platform. The format contains how-to-do guides and explainers, which work especially well as Idea Pin clips.

4. Meta adds new Facebook Reels features such as longer clips and Memories integration

Facebook launched some new creative expression tools to make it easier to create fun & engaging reels!

  • 90-second reels- Creators now have the option to create Facebook Reels up to 90 seconds. 
  • Ready-made reels from Memories- Easily share your favourite memories on Reels with a tap of button. 
  • Grooves- Through visual beat technology, automatically align and sync the motion in your video to the beat of your favourite song.
  • Templates- A new way for people to easily create reels with trending templates.

5. Snapchat incorporates ChatGPT elements into its new ‘My AI’ in-app tool

Snapchat has become the first social media platform to embrace generative AI technology with the introduction of a new chatbot feature for Snapchat+ subscribers called “My AI”. This new feature will integrate ChatGPT into the platform, allowing users to receive AI-generated responses to their queries.

We understand that managing social media accounts can be a demanding task, from creating content to engaging with followers. This can leave little time to stay updated with the latest developments in the social media world, such as Facebook algorithm updates and innovative features on Instagram.

However, taking the time to learn about new ways to enhance your social media strategy is crucial. It’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates to maintain a strong online presence.

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the most recent social media updates. Contact Us to help you achieve your maximum potential.